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W I S E G I R L kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, & leaves before she is left.

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whouffle moments [2/]

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But times change

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I do not use the word home lightly.

So when I sigh it into the crook of your neck,

Believe that your spine is a timber frame,

Your kiss a welcome mat,

And your enveloping arms my front door.


happily ever after » ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS is non painful whouffle please

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he humbles you, yet makes you greater- and that,
above anything, would make you follow him to the end.


 ”yes many loved before us, I know that we are not new,
in city and in forest they smiled like me and you,
but let’s not talk of love or chains and things we can’t untie,
your eyes are soft with sorrow,
Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye."      

I just now saw this on my dash and I just thought it was a Whouffle or Menna graphic and I was just about to like it and then I found out it wasn’t and you should have seen the look of shock that was on my face. Like omg…this isn’t a Whouffle graphic! Like how?!

(graphic not mine)

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In Your Atmosphere | Archie & Rosmerta (Future)

"So you used to date ole Archo?"


"Really? I mean, Anna told me but - really?"

Rosie doesn’t like her date very much. But this isn’t new. She hardly ever likes her dates - she can actually list several in which she would be able to say with some absolute truth she loathed them. Jeff quickly wiggles his way onto the list with his attitude, lack of work ethic, and general personality. She decides she doesn’t like his smug smile all that much either, but that could just be that she is beginning to get petty. “Yes,” she answers and grits her teeth and quips sarcastically, “And how lucky I did because it got me here with you.” 

She had been cruel, Rosmerta reasons as she drags her fingers through the hair which took her entirely too long to style and smiles at the man who she can’t quite remember the name of. She had been cruel to force Archie into a date with Anna (the woman she consequentially couldn’t forget the name of) and it had been just another heartless act to accept an offer to make that date a double with the man who now has his hand unnecessarily on the small of her back. 

Cruelty isn’t exactly something which is new to her - her capabilities in the art have always been known. It’s the receiver which takes her by surprise - figuring out if it is more cruel to Archie, Anna, the man, or Rosie herself. Actually the one she’s accompanying doesn’t factor much into the situation, she decides around the time she needs to shift to get his hand to stop drifting. For the remaining three? It’s all a tug-of-war. If the evening turns out to be a start of something wonderful for Anna, Archie would benefit and she would go back to the Three Broomsticks with a new goodbye to swallow. If it didn’t work out for Anna, it would probably hurt Archie.

While it should have occurred to her at the office, Rosmerta realizes while drinking another disgusting concoction her date order for her this could very well be a no-win scenario for all but it was absolutely a no-win for herself. 

Since when did she become such a masochist? 

It’s in the time they are waiting for the other two to show up when Rosmerta allows herself to be sad. Possibly because she knows she needs the extra layer of defenses to prevent Archie from seeing her strained smiles and lost trains of thought but this doesn’t occur to her. Her Archie would certainly see such things, but her Archie has been lulled into such a sleep that she’s starting to think nothing can shake him awake. To prevent the sadness from sticking she formulates a plan and offers to order the next round of drinks - this time he gets the girly drink and she requests from the bartender that she gets a steady flow of drinks for the rest of the night. 

She’ll drink like it’s the end of the world because it might just be that for her. 

Mister Touchy slips his hand on her hip and directs them around to the approaching two. His arm feels heavy, uncomfortable, but Rosmerta does her best to look relaxed - happy even. That extra layer of defense is worked up slowly but surely. 

"Good of you two to show up. Rose here was just telling me how you were a stepping stone to get to the real prize, Old Man." Jeff laughs, she doesn’t even attempt. 

He doesn’t sound like James, the nickname isn’t affectionate. Rosmerta shoots a quick look Archie’s way before managing to recover. 


"Hi Anna," she greets as civilly as she can manage, "You look lovely." And she does. When her gaze shifts back to Archie, it fixates on something else. The horrendous tie he’s wearing to be specific. "And Archie you look -" she says and gropes for something to complete the thought. Rosmerta takes a drink instead and finds her sarcasm once more, "So glad we’re doing this." 

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Home For Christmas | Archie & Rosmerta

Christmas has never held much appeal for Rosmerta. She never celebrated it with her mum - images of children perched on Father Christmas’ lap seemed foreign and strange to her. Maybe even a little creepy if she was feeling particularly cynical.

They close the Inn for the holiday at the request of Gramps - and in the past she would have rather spent it working while he would rather have his granddaughter focused on the moment. He would continue to shuffle around with his reindeer antlers stuck on his head with what seemed to be a permanent sticking charm and coax a smile out of her while he handed her the few gifts he wrangled up. Fitz would give her something home-made (and terrible) and they would drink egg nog after enjoying a meal she made.

Christmas was usually quiet, and over quickly to the dismay of Gramps and the relief of Rosie. He would continue to hum carols for days after, while she would drone it out with the helping of the few who were left on their own over the holiday season. Immune to the holiday spirit, she had proclaimed herself to be. 

This year she finds herself humming along with Gramps. She hardly even fusses as he sticks a paper crown from a cracker on her head. Because there is one difference in this holiday - one which leaves all the years of the past in the dust. 

Archie is spending Christmas with them. From the moment this was settled, Rosmerta has taken time out of her nights to glance up at the stars and wish that this particular Christmas will never end. 

Wishing at Christmas, one of many firsts on this first Christmas as an us.

She laughs loudly and often, lending her mind towards no cynical thoughts of a consumeristic holiday but instead finding herself thinking how much she likes seeing the Christmas lights reflecting in Archie’s eyes. 

The tree is where she finds herself, or at least watching Archie balance precariously with her own Christmas light smile glowing. This tree is something she would have normally proclaimed to be much too large for the Three Broomsticks (and it is, requiring a charm to allow it to spread over the different levels of the building) - but Rosmerta finds something fun in putting it all together. Bits of tinsel adorn her head with the crown soon after they go about putting on the finishing touches. 

But her designated station is abandoned to help him stay upright. 


"Easy there," she laughs, "You need to be in one piece to celebrate Christmas." Her hands coming to rest at Archie’s shoulders, she tilts her chin up and shrugs a shoulder, "At least I think so - I’m not really well-versed in the subject."

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